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Website Copywriting Services

Writing copy for websites may seem like a simple task but don’t gloss over it. Many people take the words they see on a webpage for granted but search engines certainly do not. Good website copy should be clear, concise, and descriptive while also keeping in mind the proper target keywords that generate clicks on search engines. If every single sentence on your website is not advancing action in some way or another, then it’s time to change that.

How to write website copy

Words have the potential to inspire us beyond belief. Unfortunately, many people don’t tap into this potential. As a result, some websites feature lazy, uninteresting copy that allows us to gloss over the pages without much thought. This is the wrong approach.


Every line of website copy should pique the interest of your visitors. It should inspire them to move to the next step or teach them something new. Of course, this is not an easy thing to do, otherwise, every page on the internet would feature a compelling copy. 

Thankfully, the writers at Walden are highly-trained in crafting simple but effective website copy that can help your business do the following:

1. Highlight benefits (not features)


You love your business. We get it. You don’t need to gush about it 24/7. Many businesses make the mistake of talking too much about how great their features are. No one likes that guy at the party who talks about his amazing job, hot girlfriend, and the fancy car parked outside. Don’t make your website like that guy. Why? Because frankly, people don’t care.


Instead, put the focus on your audience. Don’t just brag about your features. Explain how these features can benefit them. Expertly written web copy does just that. 


2. Speak to the customer


Think of your website as an extended branch of your personality. Sure, your audience may not be sitting at the dinner table with you enjoying a nice cold beer and intelligent conversation but they can still get to know you through your website. However, this all depends on the quality of your website copy.


What sort of tone do you want to set and what kind of style do you want to present? Whatever you decide upon should be consistent on every page. This helps your website “come alive” and create a voice. Once a voice is established, you can then communicate with your audience more effectively since they start to know the person behind the product a bit more and generate trust in your services. 


3. Test which words work best


Much like working out your muscles at the gym or your brain at the therapist, website copy must be trained and altered until you get as close to perfect as possible. At Walden, we’ll help you test various styles of web copy on each page until we find one that works best. This includes (but is not limited to)

  • Testing the right keywords to use on various titles and subheadings

  • Testing the write word or phrase to generate a targeted outcome

  • Testing the length of copy

  • Testing the point of view (first person, third person, etc.)


Just as one would test different styles of advertisements or social media posts, one should test website copy as well and that’s what Walden does best.

If you want better results, then make better website copy


Writing website copy that converts is not a simple task but with the right professionals and a little patience, it can be done. High-quality web copy is responsible for a variety of circumstances and can improve the click-through rate, page time, conversion rate, impressions, clicks, and just about all important metrics for your business.


If you’re not a wordsmith, that’s fine. As long as you recognize that the right words are important for your website’s success, that’s all that matters. So, contact the friendly team at Walden today and we’ll get started on writing the best website copy possible for you. 

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