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Ad Copywriting Service

Advertisement copy (ad copy) is one of the most important marketing tools used by businesses. If executed correctly, ad copywriting gives businesses more exposure. However, businesses must stray away from inundating people with poorly written copy. Why? Because potential customers will lose interest in it from the very start. It is therefore essential to have professional ad copywriting services from people who are highly trained in such a field. These professionals know the minute details of what needs to be done to obtain the desired advertisement results.

What is ad copy?

Ad copy is copywriting for advertisements. This marketing tactic involves paying for digital space, such as on Google, to promote services, products, or a cause. Generally, it is a combination of a headline, main text, and a call to action. One of the most popular types of ad copywriting is short-form copy. It is often used in pay-per-click (PPC) ads.


They are generally displayed on search engines such as Google or social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. In order to have good short-form copy, writers must be very concise. By using a few words, it calls the reader to action. On the other hand, long-form copy provides more in-depth details about the services or products of a business.


It acts as a salesperson as it explains more details about the product or service. Ad copy, therefore, is first to pull the strings to grasp a reader’s attention and provoke curiosity. It can be thought of as a digital display of a product or service provided by a business.

What are the benefits of ad copywriting?

To make high-quality ad copy, a business must know its target audience. It has to provide answers to important questions before proceeding: What are my audience’s interests? What topics and products are trending? Does this product or service fit their current needs? Each business must uncover the most important aspects of their business and the solutions their services and products provide.

It is therefore essential to market your product or service by determining the answers to such questions. If this is done well, businesses entertain more customers. Provided that their products or services are great, they can retain them.

What is ad copy for Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords) allows businesses to create an advert for Google in just a few steps. This helps your business gain more exposure. Google Ads is very popular nowadays, with Google generating $147 billion just from Google Ads. This totaled more than 80% of Alphabet’s revenue. The company averages around 63,000 queries per second, so by acquiring space on its search engine, you can post your own ad copy to many readers.

It is very simple to work with Google Ads. First, choose what your advertisement goal is. Whether it is to get more calls to your business, increase the number of people who visit your store or drive people to your website, google tailors that for you. You then get to decide in which location to advertise and write down the short message you want to promote. Before going live with the ad, you can set the budget cap for the advertisement. Google also notifies you what the estimated results in clicks and calls are.

Make sure to get your own professional ad copywriting services by contacting us. We will make sure your business does not lag behind in the digital space and to increase your business’ potential to reach new customers.

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