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Blog Writing Service

A blog is a chance to tell your story. A way to show the world why you matter to them. It's not a matter of if you should get a blog but rather, how many blog posts can we realistically make without sacrificing quality? If you build it (properly), the leads will come. 

Why you need a blog writing service

Perhaps you think blogs are "old school" and prefer to speak to your audience through flashy videos and social media ads. While those strategies are certainly good additions to your marketing strategy, they should never be full replacements for a high-quality blog. Our blog writing service will help you in the following ways:

Create content for you audience

Oftentimes, many companies make the mistake of writing blog posts for search engines, and not for your audience. The goal is to help your audience find you using a search engine and believe it or not, you get that by writing high-quality content for humans. Gone are the days of stuffing your content with keywords, backlinks and lazy writing. Our copywriters are professionals who put quality above all else. We know how to tell your story in a way that's not only attractive for you audience but looks good in the eyes of search engines as well. 

Attract high-quality leads

As much as we stress that blog posts should be well written and targeted towards your audience (which they should) we also need to keep commercial goals in mind. You want leads and we get that. A well-executed content plan and blog is the beginning of an efficient funnel that can bring new web traffic to your site, establish your brand, and address customer concerns.

Become an authoritative voice

If you have a company, then odds are you're very knowledgeable about a specific subject. As the old saying goes, "knowledge is power" and. a blog is an amazing way to present that power to the world. If you can become an authoritative voice on any subject, then people will naturally gravitate towards you. You can guest post on other blogs, collaborate with other influencers, distribute newsletters that people pay to read and so much more. This all starts with putting our ideas out there on a blog. 

Data analysis

What content does your audience react to the best? A blog is a great way to find out. Using data analysis, we can see which blog posts had the most clicks, impressions, click-through rate, read time, and more. All of these statistics will help us refine your content strategy to ensure you're regularly producing high-quality content. 

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